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At South Eastern Machining we strive to keep up with the vast and rapid technological changes that occur in today’s machining processes. We feel this is a must to maintain our high expectations of quality, on time delivery and foremost to be competitive. Below is a brief description of key elements that show why South Eastern Machining can be a valuable partner with your company.

Gibbs Cam

This allows us to create or import your drawing and generate a part program for any machining operation and visualize and correct errors before your parts actually makes it to the machine saving time and money.


Job Boss

A complete MRP software that allows us to track your parts from raw stock to finished product at any stage of manufacturing. Blanket and JIT orders are easily handled to ensure on time delivery.


Micro Estimating

Estimating software that allows us to make consistent and accurate estimates every time.


National Tooling and Machining Association

We have been a member since 1987. This allows a close relationship with other local and national manufacturers.

Serving Industry Since 1971